License Server Administration for CCS

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Official site: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/License_Server_Administration_for_CCS#Configuring_Code_Composer_Studio

1. Requirements

  • lmadmin if graphical installation is desired
  • lmgrd and lmtools for command-line installation. Windows also has an additional utility called lmutils.
  • Texas Instruments’ vendor daemon tidspssw

2. License server setup

2.1 Download the graphical utility <lmadmin-i86_n3-11_9_0_0.exe> and save it to any directory in your system:

2.2 Download the license server utilities <lmutil>, <lmgrd> and <lmtools> for your PC type

2.4 Run the <lmadmin-i86_n3-11_9_0_0.exe> installer and follow the on-screen instructions:

  • In the step Important information select Install Visual C++ SP1 Redistributable Package if you do not have it installed in your system.
  • In the step Service Configuration check the box Run as a service to guarantee the license server will be active even if nobody is logged to the host PC.
  • In the step Start the Server check the box Start server now. A browser window will open with the main license manager GUI.
  • Get the HTTP server port is 8090. (browser it localhost:8090 or

2.5 Open a Windows Explorer window and unzip the utilities downloaded in step 2 above to the directory where <lmadmin.exe> is installed. The default installation directory is

C:\Program Files\FLEXnet Publisher License Server Manager

2.6 At last, unzip the TI daemon server to the installation directory

Note: on a Microsoft Windows system, the files and <.manifest> should be placed in the same directory as .

2.7 Go back to the browser window opened in step 4 and click on Administration at the top right corner.

The default username/password is admin/admin and the first run a window will open to perform a mandatory change to the password.

2.8 In the main administration view click on Vendor Daemon Configuration and click on the Import License icon.

Browse to where the .lic file is located and click on Import license. A message will be displayed saying the license was successfully imported. Click OK.

2.9 The Vendor Daemon Configuration screen should now show a tidspssw daemon.

Click on Sign Out and close the browser window.

2.10 The license server is now configured and running.

To go back to the license administrator GUI in the future, open a web browser and type the URL localhost:8090 or

3. Configuring Code Composer Studio

3.1 Using the graphical license manager (recommended)

3.1.1 Run the CCS

3.1.2 Help->Code Composer Studio Licensing Information

  • Status: check the Licensed Status and License Type
  • Upgrade: Launch License Setup and input License Server:=localhost:8090= or